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Whether you are an experienced photographer or a beginner, we have a class for you!

You'll learn how your camera operates and get in-depth instruction on photographic techniques and terminology. Gain hands-on experience working with professional lighting equipment and explore various lighting techniques used to enhance composition while working with models and clients in single and group portrait sessions. Our classes will help you hone your skills whether you are interested in commercial photography or want to explore photography as a fine art and means of personal expression.

Courses may be taken individually or as part of the Photography Certificate program. You may also be interested in our courses in Marketing and Public Relations.

Photography Certificate Program

Our Photography Certificate program is an excellent means to explore an interest in photography either as a hobby or for professional development. It is ideal for those who wish to enhance their knowledge of commercial photography, or to complement careers in public relations, marketing, graphic design or writing.

To earn the Photography Certificate you must complete the three core courses and two electives over a two-year period. When you have completed the requirements of the program you may request your certificate. Non-certificate students may enroll in individual courses.

Core Courses
  • Photography Introduction
  • Photography Intermediate
  • Photography Advanced
  • Digital Image Management
  • Photography as Art
  • Introduction to Portraiture
  • Building a Photography Business
  • Creativity Through Photography

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